#398: Setting the Women’s Marathon World Record—and Sparking a Controversy

Sarah and co-host Tish Hamilton are joined by two women associated with the new book Mighty Moe: The True Story of a Thirteen-Year-Old Women's Running Revolutionary—Rachel Swaby, one of the co-authors, and Maureen “Moe” Mancuso, the book’s subject, who set the women’s marathon world record at age 13 (!) in 1967. The quartet cover:
-Mighty Moe’s 3:15 marathon run—and the resulting negative backlash;
-marathon legend Kathrine Switzer giving Maureen her due—40 years after the fact;
-why Maureen gave up running for decades; and,
-the profound impact Maureen’s accomplishment had on women’s running.
In the intro, Sarah and Tish talk about "intentionally enjoying" a calmer schedule, and Sarah talks up WMNRUN in hopes of Tish joining BAMRs to run it on March 1. Maureen and Rachel join the show at 15:51.
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