#443: Vegetarianism + Veganism for Runners

Sarah and Amanda tuck in for a conversation with Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD, a sports dietitian, marathon runner, and author of The 100 Best Foods for Vegetarian and Vegan Runners. Rizzo serves up:
-myth-busters about eating a plant-based diet;
-suggestions on how to gradually phase out meat from your meals (if that’s of interest to you);
-loads of animal-free protein options;
-meat-free pre-race and pre-long-run dinner recommendations that are easy on the GI tract; and,
-family meal work-arounds when carnivores and vegetarians gather round the table.
In the introduction, Sarah and Amanda talk about workout work-arounds in the latest round of lockdowns. Natalie the RD joins the show at 9:36.

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