AMR Trains #15: Christy Scott, New Ultra Coach in the Train Like a Mother Club

The Train Like a Mother Club welcomes Christy Scott, an ultra runner, personal trainer and running coach who has designed new 50K and 50-mile programs.
The two discuss:
—The allure of the ultra—and how it is doable for nearly every runner;
—How Christy ran 133 miles once—and plans to go longer next year;
—Specifics of the two new programs, including why Sundays are always easy days;
—Why pacing or volunteering at an aid station can help with your own ultra goals.
Check out the new programs:
Train Like a Mother 50K Program: 20 weeks
Train Like a Mother 50 Mile Program: 22 weeks
Also, Coach Stephanie Howe continues to be involved with the Train Like a Mother Club; check out her on-demand program Nutrition for Ultras: On and Off the Trail
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