AMR Trains #2: Setting—and Achieving—Season Goals

Welcome to the second episode of AMR Trains, a new podcast under the Another Mother Runner pod umbrella and based on the Train Like a Mother Club.
In this podcast that comes out every other Tuesday, we’re going to focus on topics related to training, and our guests will include Train Like a Mother Coaches, a variety of #motherrunners and other engaging experts.
Since we are just rounding the halfway mark of January, we wanted to focus on setting—and achieving—seasonal goals.
We’re bringing in the big guns to help us out with this: Jennifer Harrison and Elizabeth Waterstraat, two Chicago-area triathlon and running coaches who oversee the Heart + Sole and Triathlon programs in the Train Like a Mother Club.
Listen in to find out:
·      The best guidelines for setting a goal;
·      Why goals don’t necessarily need to be PR- or time-related;
·      The single most important thing to helping you achieve your goals (it’s easier than you think!); and
·      What BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) Coach Liz is aiming for in 2020.
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