#434: Women Runners Tell Tales of Their Recent FKT (Fastest Known Times) Runs

Sarah and Tish talk to two adventurous women who each completed a FKT (Fastest Known Time), including Liz Anjos, who set a women’s record for doing the Appalachian Trail (AT) from south to north, and Elisa Laverty, who nearly beat her ultrarunner husband’s FKT on the same loop! Live vicariously listening to:

Liz talk about putting in 18-20 hours per day on the AT, despite developing severe shin splints on Day 3 (of 52!);

Liz share feeling apprehensive and overwhelmed every morning—and exalted every evening;

Elisa detail how a summer of riding a gravel bike revived her running mojo;

Elisa recount covering the final 3.5 miles—and 4,000’ of elevation gain!—of the 43-mile loop; and,

Elisa encourage everyone to “build an epic route” for themselves.

In the introduction, Sarah details life in smoke-choked Portland. Liz, the first of the two FKT’ers, joins the conversation at 16:01.
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