#388: In-Person Conversation w/ Boston Marathon Race Director

Sarah and Dimity, plus the attendees of AMR’s Cape Cod Retreat, are rapt by anecdotes and advice shared by Dave McGillivray, the longtime race director of the Boston Marathon. An amazing endurance athlete and father of five, Dave recounts:
-his 3,452-mile saga of running across America in 80 days recounted in his new children’s book;
-how Boston-qualifying time standards reflect the “pursuit of athletic excellence;”
-how he puts his motto “My game; my rules.” into action;
-running seven marathons on seven continents in seven days (!);
-how he tried to sidestep his genetics to reverse his coronary artery disease; and,
-his annual tradition of running from Hopkinton to Boston largely on his own after all the other Boston Marathoners have long since crossed the finish line.

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