#305: Author Alex Hutchinson on Mental Endurance

Sarah and co-host Tish Hamilton enjoy a quick catch-up, and Tish tells the tale of her spring break PR. (Psst: It involves location, not time!) Alex Hutchinson, author of the newly released ENDURE: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance, joins the conversation to talk about mental endurance and the power of the mind.
In calming tones, Alex explains limits are negotiable and the importance of getting out of your own way. From “the base of the mountain,” he talks about how to become aware of the internal monologue you have with yourself on a run—and how to reframe that “conversation” to enhance self-belief. Nod along as Alex discusses the “deeply worn grooves in your mind.” Validation that the mere perception of mental fatigue (sigh) can affect a run leads to an intriguing pre-race suggestion. Sarah and Alex discuss the timing of when to work out, with Alex offering a practical point sure to resonate with mother runners. He offers many bits of running advice that apply for everyday life, including singing the praises of running with someone. Nuun-drinking game: Chug every time any of the trio says, “South Africa.”
Alex Hutchinson comes on board at 10:12.

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