#389: Running During Pregnancy and Postpartum

Sarah and Molly talk about the quintessential mother runner topics—running during pregnancy and postpartum—with Kate Mihevc Edwards, a physical therapist and co-author of the new book Go Ahead: Stop and Pee. Interspersed with empathetic laughter, the trio talks about:
-the metric for gauging exertion when running during pregnancy;
-stroller-running tips and arm-swing advice for all runners;
-how to return to running after pregnancy;
-the importance of seeking professional help for postpartum incontinence or leaking; and,
-butt- and chest-gripping (it’s not what you think!).
In the intro chitchat, learn in which scenario Molly and producer-Alex agree the best plan of action is to, “grab a beer; run like hell!” The guest enters the scene at 14:56.

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