#438: Three Women Share about Running Through Grief

In a special crossover episode from AMR Trains, Sarah and Amanda talk with three women who used running to help them process the loss of loved ones. During the candid conversations:
-Widow Kate shares how running is a release for all the negative emotions swirling in her brain;
-Tanja tells how running is her “anchor,” starting during her mother’s cancer treatments;
-Tanja (who lost both parents) discusses the importance of “modeling” grief for our children;
-Tanja and Emily (whose first child died in utero) both talk about the positive benefits of being outdoors; and,
-Tanja reminds us to notice and appreciate light-filled moments during the grieving process.
In the intro, Amanda shares about pulling up stakes (temporarily) to decamp from Maryland to Colorado with her teen daughter. The first guest comes on the show at 13:45.

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