AMR Trains #1: How to Stop Sugar Cravings

Welcome to AMR Trains, a new podcast under the Another Mother Runner pod umbrella and based on the Train Like a Mother Club.
In this podcast that comes out every other Tuesday, we’re going to focus on topics related to training: everything from the best cross-training for runners to how to mentally stay in a race to how to optimally nourish your body. Our guests will include Train Like a Mother Coaches, a variety of #motherrunners talking about their athletic feats (because we love vicarious racing and training!) and other engaging experts. 
Before we dive into fartleks and finish lines, we’re going to tackle a subject that affects our training—and our moods, metabolism and pretty much everything else: Sugar—and how to minimize its effect on us.
In this first episode, Dimity talks to dietician Ellie Kempton, MSN, RD, the expert behind Simply Nourished Like a Mother and Metabolic Reset, who helps us back away from the Ben + Jerry’s.
Simply Nourished Like a Mother, an 8-week foundational program, runs from January 13 to March 9.
Metabolic Reset, a 12-week program focused on weight loss and metabolic makeover, runs from January 13 to April 5.
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