#378: Running after Breast Reduction or Breast Augmentation

Sarah and Molly, her big-busted BRF, get real with four mother runners—two who had a breast reduction (April + Stacy), then two who had a breast augmentation (Dana + Meghan). The conversation reveals:
-the “sense of empowerment” April felt after her reduction;
-that post-reduction, Stacy started running faster and age-group placing;
-how you need to be “okay with reduced sensation” after both types of surgery;
-that Meghan walked a marathon two weeks (2 weeks!) after her augmentation;
-the clever solution Meghan discovered for the under-boob chafing that almost lead her to quit running completely!
In the introductory chitchat, Molly shares stories from her latest backpacking adventure. The boob-related conversation begins at 14:25.
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