Somewhere Not Here - Vinland Saga #1

In the latest episode of this brand new podcast, hosts Che Lingo (rapper, musician, anime lover) and Bec Hill (comedian, writer, anime-curious) are swapping spears for swords and robots for battleships as they segue into the savage world of epic viking anime, Vinland Saga. 

Che reveals how anime nurtured his imagination and why he’s excited to rewatch an anime series that’s equal parts beautiful and brutal. While Bec recalls the moments that made her go ‘ewww’ and ‘whoaaa’, as well as the questions she wants answered in the next episode. 

Thorfinn, a boy living in Iceland, longs for adventure and is eager to know more about the world. He dreams of a land of paradise called Vinland that he hears about from the adventurer Leif, while he leads his peaceful life with this father Thors, a former warrior. One day, Thors saves a runaway slave and sets a series of events in motion.

Vinland Saga season one is now streaming on Prime Video. 


Anime to Z is a Little Dot Studios production for Prime Video UK.

Hosted by Che Lingo (@Che_Lingo) & Bec Hill (@bechillcomedian)

Produced by Nicole Davis, Jake Cunningham & Ellie Aitken

Executive produced by Harold McShiel

Edited by James Payne

Additional research by Ren Scateni

Artwork by Matthew Wallace


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