Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo | with Jessie Cave

In the third episode of this brand new podcast, hosts Che Lingo (rapper, musician, anime lover) and Bec Hill (comedian, writer, anime-curious), discuss the third film in the Rebuild of Evangelion franchise: Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo.

Che and Bec reveal why this is their favourite film in the franchise so far and the ways in which it blew their minds. Plus they are joined in the studio by author, actor and illustrator Jessie Cave, who recalls growing up around anime, her own foray into animation, her personal experience of franchises having starred as Lavender Brown in Harry Potter and why Evangelion 3.33 surprised her. 

Shinji wakes after 14 years aboard the battleship AAA Wunder belonging to an anti-Nerv organization founded by former Nerv members. Shinji hears Rei's voice coming from EVA Mark.09, sent to rescue him, so he leaves Wunder and heads to Nerv. Kaworu Nagisa shows Shinji the transformed land. He learns that saving Rei triggered the Near Third Impact that caused the catastrophic damage to Earth.

All four Evangelion films, including the much anticipated final chapter, are now streaming exclusively on Prime Video.


Anime to Z is a Little Dot Studios production for Prime Video UK.

Hosted by Che Lingo (@Che_Lingo) & Bec Hill (@bechillcomedian)

Produced by Nicole Davis, Jake Cunningham & Ellie Aitken

Executive produced by Harold McShiel

Edited by James Payne

Additional research by Ren Scateni

Artwork by Matthew Wallace


CW: discussions about mental health, depression and grief.

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