ANNY Animator Interviews: Yunus Yildiz

Animation For Adults Presents Animation Nights New York's (ANNY) Animator Interviews. AFA and ANNY's Evan Vernon talks with animator Yunus Yildiz, whose short The Hands will screen as part of the ANNY April online event.

Yunus Yildiz

Interview by Evan Vernon


Director of “THE HANDS”

The trauma of a man trying to escape from a war.



Animation Nights New York presents “Ways of the World” (Program #59 | Season 6 | In Competition Films)

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Films are available 11am - 11pm EDT for one day. Join us for mixer events in the ANNY Virtual Event Space on webXR. (No headset is required. Platform is accessible via PC/Mac/Mobile.)

Mixer Events 3pm - 5pm & 8pm- 11pm EDT




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