Saturday Morning Cartoon Club #2: Gargoyles

Saturday Morning Cartoon Club is AFA's retro podcast dedicated to our favourite cartoons from our childhood- or occasionally modern cartoons that still give us that classic Saturday morning feeling. We've done a couple of episodes before, but now we hope to make them more regularly. And what better place to start than with Disney's Gargoyles, now it's finally available streaming on Disney Plus.


Big kids Rachael and Chris talk about their memories of the show and discuss the opening 5 episode Arc Awakening, how it compares to the rest of the Disney Afternoon line-up and our hopes for a revival. So grab your favourite cereal, jump on the sofa and join us as we return to the Age Of The Gargoyles!


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The Team: 


• Rachael Ward @fail2ninja  

Chris Perkins @misterchristor