The AFA Podcast 135: Annies, Awards and More

Hello strangers! Yes, folks, the AFA Podcast is back with our very first episode of 2020! But hopefully, it's worth the wait as the whole original team is here for the first time in quite a while. Rachael, Chris, Dan and Yvonne discuss last month's 47th Annie Awards, as well as getting into this year's awards season as a whole with some Oscar chats thrown in for good measure.

Then we dive into a bumper sized Watercooler, which includes The LEGO Movie 2, Missing Link, Life Is Strange 2, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!, Rick and Morty and more! Plus of course, the usual array of tangents, sidebars and other fun stuff. We hope you enjoy it.


Annie Awards 

Golden Globes 

Quirino Awards 

The LEGO Movie 2 

Missing Link 

Unruly Heroes 

A Place Further Than The Universe