Episode 165: Animation First: French Animation Festival 2022

Bonjour mes amis, and welcome back to Le AFA Podcast! This time we join Evan Vernon, Yvonne Grzenkowicz and Kelly Barahona to discuss this year's Animation First French Animation Festival. Held annually by FIAF- French Institute Alliance Française in New York, the festival has celebrated the best in French animation for the past five years.

This year's event was a hybrid event, with both an in-person and an online component. Yvonne is able to talk about her experiences attending FIAF itself, while Evan and Kelly talk about their virtual festival experience. As well as general chat about the festival discussed titled include Last Man Season 2, Summit Of The Gods and The Crossing, the film directed by the festival's guest of honour Florence Miailhe.

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Animation First 2022


The Summit Of The Gods


Long Way North

The Crossing

Florence Miailhe

Last Man


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