The AFA Podcast Interview: Dan Ojari and Mikey Please (Robin Robin, 2022 Oscar nominated short)

Hey there, animation fans and welcome to another brand new instalment of The AFA Podcast Interview series. This time we've got a real treat, the first of our interviews with the filmmakers behind this year's Oscar-nominated shorts! First up, we have British animators Dan Ojari and Mikey Please, who created and directed the Netflix holiday special Robin Robin for Aardman animation.  Evan Vernon chats with Dan and Mikey about their earlier career and how they came to work with their heroes at Aardman! Also, listen out for some very interesting conversation about perceptions of what 'adult'  animation should be. Don't miss it, and don't forget to check out Robin  Robin, it's not just for Christmas!


Dan Ojari and Mikey Please

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2022 Oscar Nominations

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