EP238 Get your grading under control via these 7 mental shifts + habits (with Megan Faherty)

This episode is going to be a game changer! I'm talking with Megan Faherty, a long-time user of the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek program who's currently in her 17th year of teaching. Megan shares tons of practical strategies and a whole new approach to thinking about how you grade that has helped her reclaim her nights and weekends:

  • Shift 1: If you don’t have time to grade it, students don’t have time to learn from it.
  • Shift 2: Put grading on your to-do list when you assign it.
  • Shift 3: Grade the way that works.
  • Shift 4: Reduce guilt by being honest about your grading timeline.
  • Shift 5: Plan backwards from a goal.
  • Shift 6: Do the worst thing first.
  • Shift 7: Reduce dithering about points and decision fatigue

Check out Megan’s guest post as part of our Truth for Teachers collective here, then listen to the episode as I do a deeper dive with Megan and share my own tips and tricks, too.

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