Better than normal: How to craft an inspiring vision for the new school year

This special bonus episode explores how we can find a more sustainable way to teach in coming school year.

Because while it’s natural to hope for “getting back to normal” after so many constantly-shifting expectations ... we know that “normal” wasn't really working for all teachers or kids.

What would it mean to truly reimagine education--not just talk about it--and create a way of teaching and learning that is BETTER than normal?

Let's counter the "lost year of learning" narrative and find a more strengths-based, empowering perspective on the challenges ahead.

In this episode, we're talking about how to focus on what's most impactful with students and streamline the rest. You'll walk away with new clarity about priorities, which will give you confidence in your teaching practice and empower you to set boundaries for better work/life balance.

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