EP236 Six high-impact, low-burnout strategies to differentiate your lessons for neurodivergent kids (with Dr. Laura Fitzpatrick)

Differentiating learning for every student in your classroom can be incredibly exhausting and time-consuming. So, I've invited Dr. Laura Fitzpatrick on the show to talk about some streamlining tips.

Laura has been a 6th grade English Language Arts teacher for the past 8 years. She earned an M.A. in Special Education and Ed.D. in Inquiry-Based Learning, where her research primarily centered on teacher burnout.

Laura is also a writer for the Truth for Teachers collective, and she wrote an article about 6 high-impact, low-burnout strategies to differentiate for neurodivergent kids.

To put it more simply: Laura’s sharing 6 ways to differentiate without drowning. Listen in!

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