EP233 Five ways to use playfulness in your lessons to prevent burnout (with Laura Gellin)

If you and your students are already losing motivation this year, here’s how to inject focused energy, student agency, and joy back into your classroom.

Learn how to bring the benefits of play into your classroom and why students need playfulness now more than ever, including at the middle and high school level.

Using this brain-based, research-backed approach explained by teacher Laura Gellin, you’ll be able to leverage aspects of play to design learning experiences that will engage, empower, and enliven your students.

You can read or share Laura's guest post on Truth for Teachers about this topic here: https://thecornerstoneforteachers.com/truth-for-teachers-podcast/5-ways-to-prevent-burnout-by-bringing-more-playfulness-to-your-classroom-even-if-you-teach-middle-or-high-school

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