Quick update from Arm and a Leg HQ

Hey there,

You may have noticed, we've been keeping a slower pace for the last few months — publishing every three weeks instead of every two — since Dan recovered from COVID.

And every-three-weeks is gonna stay our default for now. Putting out the show more often was wrecking Dan's health, and some important behind-the-scenes work just wasn't getting done.

When we slowed down the podcast release schedule, we also suspended the First Aid Kit newsletter, which compiles our most-useful information for dealing with the out-of-control medical system.

Starting today, First Aid Kit is back — publishing monthly instead of every-other-week. (We're telling you, Dan was pushing too hard before.)

If you're already a subscriber, you should have a new issue in your inbox right now. If you're not a subscriber yet, why not sign up?

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