Not on the High Street's Holly Tucker MBE

How do you sell an idea that’s so innovative, a lot of people don’t understand it?

This is an “Invitation to Meet…” Holly Tucker MBE, who founded the Not on the High Street marketplace 16 years ago, when Amazon was still a bookseller and Etsy didn’t even exist.

Now running the Holly & Co small business advice company, she tells us how she used the power of story-telling to drum up finance and persuade the public to use her site when “people still didn’t like putting their credit card details into a shopping portal".

We also talk how “this is the age of the female entrepreneur,” even though women only receive around one percent of venture capital funding.

And we discuss how someone today can repeat her success of taking a business idea from the kitchen table to becoming a household brand.

Holly will be appearing at the Evening Standard’s SME EXPO event at Olympia London. You can get more details, and free tickets, here.

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