DrDoctor's Tom Whicher: What happens if you're too ahead of the game?

If you've ever had a text reminding you about a hospital appointment, there's a good chance it'll have come via DrDoctor. The platform was built in 2012 and allows patients to book or cancel visits. When co-founder Tom Whicher was developing the idea, the concept of sharing data, and using AI in healthcare was controversial. Now, it's commonplace and the company started this year by winning £10 million of funding. So, how did they do that? We also talk about: 


  • The use of AI in healthcare and why doctors will never be replaced by machines. 
  • Why winning large funding rounds means the work has only just begun
  • How they kept the company going through its rough earliest years
  • His reaction when he got his first real appointment reminder text via his own company
  • The car he sold to get DrDoctor started, and the one he's just bought (which might surprise you)


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