By Tony Wilson
We are Amplevoicepod. We make podcasts to sternly tongue your earhole. Original, hi-res & full-foley. 2hr radio rock shows & 1-2hr adventure comedies. Introducing sci-fi & historical plots, alluring characters & simply strange stories.
To date Tony Wilson (the bobble hat man, me) and DJ Adgeen Byrne have collaborated on 46 FRIDAY ROCK SHOWS, a bumper 2-hr long radio rock music show with listeners' stories read out on air, punctured by the best metal music around. Skits, chats, sharts, all sorts really.

We've also 20+ original audio drama podcasts produced by messrs Byrne
& Taylor; 1 hour+ adventure stories with full effects & scoring including a bevvy of fresh voice characters and in stunning sound quality. F'sure, no messin'. Check out Timefiddler, Mount Pheasant, Mental Holmes, United Mutations, Panspermia and more!

It's in some sort of English, doused and flavoured in our unique Irish vernacular.

Listen to promos, sample scenes and serialised shows here. If that tickles yer underbelly then follow, subscribe, get in touch and share the sonics that are our high-end audacious audio adventures. All sounds are 44khz 16bit. Coming soon:

See each track's description for more. Updated fierce often and on iTunes, Acast, Spotify, Stitcher, Spreaker, Tunein, and PlayerFM too.