#108 How couples can thrive in love and work with Jennifer Petriglieri

This week Sarah interviews Jennifer Petriglieri, an Associate Professor at INSEAD and author of 'Couples that Work – how dual-career couples can thrive in love and work.' Jennifer has spent five years researching ‘dual career couples’ from over thirty countries from executives to entrepreneurs, from couples at the beginning of their careers to dual career grandparents.

They discuss what ‘dual career couples are’ and explore the three significant transitions couples experience. Together they delve into the key question for couples to ask at each transition: 1) ‘How can we make this work? 2) What do we really want? 3) Who are we now? Jennifer shares practical ideas and actions that couples can take to navigate each transition successfully as well as what traps to look out for along the way. Finally, Sarah discusses the idea of couple contracting with Jennifer; who explains why we all need to talk to our partners about our values boundaries and fears regardless of what life-stage we are at.

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