Untangling Mother-Daughter Relationships, With Rosjke Hasseldine And Carina White

When it comes to mother-daughter relationships, it’s complicated: some are best friends, others aren’t on speaking terms, while some daughters still revert to acting like a teenager around their mum even though they’re way too old to throw a strop (hiya!).

Why is it so tricky to find the right balance? We speak to Rosjke Hasseldine, who has spent almost 25 years working with women and researching the mother-daughter relationship, to find out. 

We’re also joined by Carina White, co-founder of Black Mums Upfront, and her aunt Eleanor, who helped raise her after her mother tragically passed away. Their warmth, admiration and mutual respect is inspiring – but we learn it hasn’t always been easy.

Transcript link (copy & paste): https://www.huffp.st/uXhRAfu

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