EPISODE 29: Finding your Flow + living a purposeful, abundant life with JODY SHIELD

Stuck in a funk and wanting to break the cycle to a more fulfilled life? Maybe you’re looking to tap into or better understand your purpose? Or perhaps your struggling to find your flow? 

In this episode, founder Becki Rabin gets chatting to one of the industry’s best known new-gen spiritual movement leaders, Jody Shield.

They discuss how to find your purpose, tapping into it, and being in flow. Opening the doors on the importance of spirituality and being more SOUL, this is all about how to frame your mindset and counter those self-limiting beliefs.

Jody Shield is a renowned self-help author, accredited success coach, motivational speaker, and the first European meditation ambassador for Lululemon Athletica.

Instagram: @Jodyshield

Website: https://jodyshield.co.uk/


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