Pigsty, Giraffes, & Margarine: Imaginary Friends & Loneliness

Four-year-old Eliana Pauls wrote a story during the pandemic. It was about her best friend, a fairy named Sapphire. The fairy had wings, hair of gold, and like Eliana, they both love the colour blue. While Eliana is a real little girl who can be seen by anyone, Sapphire, the fairy, cannot. She can’t be seen during regular times and never by people who don’t believe in fairies. 

But once in a blue moon, when the conditions are perfect, she appears with her suitcase. 

And if you are very lucky, like Eliana, and believe in fairies with your whole heart, you will see her. 

Another thing that Eliana and Sapphire the Fairy have in common is they both believe and they have faith in imagination. 

Imagine your way out of loneliness. 

It worked for a four year old girl name Eliana, who is a real human being, and Sapphire the Fairy, who had forgotten what it was like to believe in humans. 


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