Quantifying Influence: Helping Creators Understand Their Value -- Chad Sahley and Sam Michie (Co-Founders, Social Bluebook)

Chad Sahley and Sam Michie are the Co-Founders of Social Bluebook, a resource to help creators find their brand value and give them a starting point in negotiations. Chad began his career at ABC and then started his own production company, Hieroglyphic Productions. Sam worked in technology sales at Adaptive Computing before transitioning to digital media and entertainment with a job at Maker Studios, where he met Chad. Inspired by their experience at Maker, Chad and Sam decided to launch Social Bluebook to help creators make a living by doing what they love.

In this episode, Chad and Sam share Social Bluebook’s mission to empower and inform creators in brand negotiations. We discuss the merits of creating programmatic solutions for influencer marketing and examine the difference between their sell-side (creator focused) marketplace and other buy-side (advertiser focused) exchanges. Chad and Sam explain their decision to pursue Regulation A+ Equity Crowdfunding (a “Reg A” financing), which allows both accredited and non-accredited investors to purchase ownership stakes in the company, at a minimum $500 investment. And finally, they predict that brands will shift from renting to owning audiences while creators will create their own brands and monetize through e-commerce.

Host: James Creech

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James Creech is an entrepreneur focused on technology, online video, and digital media. He is the Co-Founder & CEO of Paladin, the essential creator management platform for next-generation media companies.

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