Digital Disruption in the Publishing Industry -- Chang Kim (Founder & CEO, Tapas Media)

Chang Kim is the Founder & CEO of Tapas Media, a content publishing, distribution, and monetization platform for comic artists, illustrators, and novelists. Prior to Tapas, Chang worked at Samsung and then co-founded Korean blogging software company TNC, which was ultimately acquired by Google.

In this episode, we explore the digital disruption of the publishing industry. From the early days of blogging to today’s ebooks, online newspapers, and digital magazines, we evaluate the cost advantages and interactivity of digital versus physical distribution. Chang also shares lessons learned from the gaming industry, from monetization models like virtual credits and in-app purchases to the success of publishing platforms like Steam and game development platforms like Roblox. Finally, we discuss differences between startup ecosystems in Korea and the U.S., the future of cryptocurrency, and how to solve for the chicken and egg problem when building a two-sided marketplace.

Host: James Creech

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James Creech is an entrepreneur focused on technology, online video, and digital media. He is the Co-Founder & CEO of Paladin, the essential influencer marketing platform for media companies, agencies, and brands.

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