Digital Media M&A Trends -- Matt Gielen (Co-Founder & CEO, Electric Monster)

Matt Gielen is the Co-Founder & CEO of Electric Monster, a portfolio company of digital content properties in the general entertainment and kids and family space. Matt started his career in production and audience development at Driver Digital, then served as VP of Programming & Audience Development at Frederator. In 2016, he founded Little Monster Media Co., an agency that helps brands and publishers build out their YouTube audience, which was later acquired by his latest venture Electric Monster.

In this episode, Matt and I talk about the growth of creator-driven business and the recent flurry of digital media acquisitions. From consolidation among digital publishers (Vox and Group Nine, Vice and Refinery29) to creator-first media companies (Mythical Entertainment and Smosh, Moonbug and Cocomelon), M&A activity has reached record heights over the last 12 months. Matt offers some insight into Electric Monster’s acquisition of React Media (formerly Fine Bros. Entertainment) and their future ambitions. Finally, we talk about the growth of YouTube Shorts, increasing the level of transparency from social platforms, and why creator funds don’t pay very well.

Host: James Creech


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James Creech is an entrepreneur focused on technology, online video, and digital media. He currently serves as SVP, Influencer Strategy at Brandwatch, the world’s leading digital consumer intelligence company.