Ep. 182: Cheryl Einhorn - How to Become a Better Decision-Maker and Problem-Solver

I am delighted to share today’s conversation with you because not only is it fascinating, but it also deals with one of our favourite topics – decision-making. My guest is Cheryl Einhorn, founder of Decisive, a decision sciences company that trains people and teams in complex problem-solving and decision-making skills using a method that she created. The method, called AREA, is something Cheryl developed during her two decades as an investigative journalist for the likes of the New York Times, Barron’s, and Foreign Policy. If you think about how demanding that job is, it becomes clear that having a way of testing and reinforcing your conclusions is incredibly valuable.

We get into that, as well as Cheryl’s background, problem-solving and decision-making as skills, the difference between ambiguity and uncertainty, something Cheryl developed called a ‘Problem Solver Profile,’ regret, the importance of slowing down, and much more.

Show notes:

Cheryl’s profile

AREA method

Cheryl’s article on Problem Solver Profiles

Find your Problem Solver Profile

Cheryl’s TEDx talk

Cheryl’s Harvard Business Review articles

Investing in Financial Research

Problem Solved

Problem Solver – Maximising Your Strengths to Make Better Decisions – Cheryl’s forthcoming book

Analysis of Competing Hypotheses

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