Olivia M-O-U-S-E


Hello listeners, welcome back to another episode where we navigate the beauty industry whilst talking a lot of sh*t.

In beauty news this week, we're chatting about the recent Go-To price increase and the fact that people LOVED their transparency in communicating this change. Sali Hughes iconic British journalist and beauty guru has launched a skincare collab with Revolution Beauty of which everything is under $15 pound and Olivia Rodrigo has become Glossier's first ambassador. Finally in Beauty News, Off White the label have launched a new beauty line called Paperwork in which they're starting with 4 fragrance 'solutions'. You must see them, they look incredible and we have to have them.

Next up, a quick tip care of the Anna Edit all about stopping flakes with the Patrick Ta Brow Lamination Gel, before moving into beauty faves, non beauty faves and snacks.

Things Mentioned:

- Go To Price Increase: https://bit.ly/3rN7Twv

- Sali Hughes x Revolution Collab: https://bit.ly/397aF9j

- Olivia Rodrigo Ambassador for Glossier: https://bit.ly/3xPOcIq

- Off White Solution Fragrances: https://bit.ly/39f7NYb

- Gucci Beauty liquid lipsticks in Goldie Red and Janet Rust: https://bit.ly/3xPSOhF

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