Lisa has cooties


Wow. Lisa is sick and sounds like absolute trash today. Pls enjoy this nasal spectactular.

After a catch up chat of great proportions, we're starting this week with a corrections corner! Hannah English's book is actually NOT released yet, however is available for pre-sale! Apologies to all those who we misled.

In beauty news, Cult Beauty has finally launched a reward and recognition program, AND is currently having a 20% off sale until today (monday) so fill your baskets, y'all. Wayne Goss has launched a complexion range which will be speaking to anyone who loves old school base products. Rhode Beauty has been hot in the social feed this week and Australian haircare label Bondi Boost has been purchased by a US based investment company.

After beauty news, we wanted to say, that we can't believe you didn't know that most wind up eyeliners have tiny sharpeners on the end! We're then finishing up this week with our regular beauty faves, non beauty faves and snacks.


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