Bonus! Passport to Iran

This week, The Alarmist brings you a special bonus episode! Remember Neil Innes and Andrés Bartos from the Che Guevara episode? They have an amazing podcast called Passport and we thought you would love their recent episode on Iran. Subscribe to Passport wherever you get your podcasts!

Iran: MisInfoNation - Down with America, Garlic Shampoo and the Incredible Hulk 

Get ready to have your misconceptions blown away - Passport learns some shocking things about the most misunderstood nation in the world.


This week on MisInfoNation we talk to Sohail Jannessari about what could be the most misunderstood country on the planet. Iran. A political scientist with a cutting sense of humour, Sohail takes on some of the most divisive questions about Iran and Iranians. 

Today we turn the view of Iran that’s been shaped by Western media upside-down. From the food, to the etiquette, the oppression of women, how to guarantee you’ll get into a fight, who pays the bill and the weight of being from a nation with an incredibly negative media slant - which sometimes turns Sohail into the Incredible Hulk. Plus, should you travel to Iran if you’re American?   

We can’t think of a more important place to understand a little better.

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