Introducing: SOLAR (starring Alan)

Dear Alan Cumming fans, if you can't get enough of Alan, we have a new show we think you'll love. 


Alan Cumming stars in SOLAR alongside Stephanie Beatriz, Academy Award winner Helen Hunt and Jonathan Bangs, in a journey to the heart of the solarsystem that explores the vastness of the human spirit. Disconnected from Earth and trapped on separate parts of their spacecraft, crew members must fight for survival following a disaster on board the ill-fated Aethon, a manned solarresearch probe sent to explore temporal distortion around the sun. As painful memories, forgotten dreams, technological challenges and blunt realities collide, they must work together to keep their hope alive in the face of growing darkness. 


SOLAR is a CurtCo Media production in association with WorkHouse Media. Created by Chris Porter. Directed by Jenny Curtis and Chris Porter. 


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