Chris Sweeney and a Portable Recorder (A Homo Sapiens Mash Up Episode)

Today’s episode is an incredibly special episode - and not our usual fare either.

Our guest today is the fabulous Chris Sweeney, filmmaker and podcaster, and host of the fantastic Homo Sapiens, alongside our very own Mr C. To mark Alan’s final episodes as host of Homo sapiens we have collaborated, and so what you’re about to hear is the first of a two part Alan Cumming’s Shelves x Homo Sapiens mash up, with Alan and Chris chatting all about podcasting, their time together on Homo sapiens, and how they first started working together.

After you have listened to this episode, Part One, you need to head over to the Homo Sapiens feed/channel wherever you get your podcasts, and listen to Part Two, which is cleverly also out now. You should give them a follow too if you haven’t already, because the show is absolutely fantastic, with interviews with guests such as Patti Smith, Michael Stipe, and Mel C just to name a few!!

You can also follow them on instagram @homosapiens

You can listen to Part Two Here (or head over to the Homo Sapiens Page)

Alan Cumming's Shelves is all about Alan Cumming and his shelves. There's lots of things on these shelves, oddities and artefacts from across Alan's life, and so each week he takes one of the curiosities off his shelf, and tells you all about it, with the help of some friends.


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