Alan Cumming's Shelves

by Crowd Network

In Alan Cumming's house you'll find some shelves. Well, lots of shelves in fact, and on these shelves are curiosities, rarities, and oddities, that Alan has collected throughout his varied and colourful career. Artefacts if you will from the museum of Alan's life. In each episode of this podcast Alan reaches for one of these items, to tell the story behind it, ruminating on the memories it brings up. 

However, Alan does not do this alone. His guests range from Cyndi Lauper and a pair of white leather gloves to Geri Halliwell and (lots and lots of) Spice Girls merch, and even Sir Ian McKellen and a hemp dog collar. We've also got Monica Lewinsky and a Creative Coalition Award, Fay Ripley and a Red Carpet Photo, and Jane Horrocks and a polaroid from Second Best. 

Not all guests will be famous though. Alan's life has taken many a twist and turn, and so there will be guests you don’t know yet, but their stories are brilliant. 

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