The On The Box Podcast: Discussing Cobra Kai

Gags Tandon is finally back, and has two excellent guests with him in Nina Kauser and Jesal Padania, to discuss one of the more successful shows of the summer in Cobra Kai. The hit TV show on YouTube that is a continuation of the Karate Kid movies.

Gags, Nina and Jesal discuss their initial thoughts when the project was announced and their apprehension to try to continue on from the movies. They look at each character and their arcs and discuss the wild theory that Daniel has always been the bad guy and that Johnny Lawrence was the Karate Kid. Nina is on tilt with this theory!

The story of the tv series is covered as well as Gags discussing how well the show has been reviewed and received online.

The team finally look ahead to season 2 and what they think could follow in this surprisingly excellent continuation of the Karate Kid brand.


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