The Flip Book Podcast: The Incredibles

Called the best superhero movie ever by some, Flip Book delves into the multi-layered themes of The Incredibles. A cleverly written film, as usual with Pixar, time is taken to emphasise the human elements and relationships throughout the script. Of note, we discuss if the film supports the idea of objectivism, or if it is perhaps a story bemoaning what some see as society's celebration of mediocrity. We look at how applicable it might be for real superheroes, as shown in the movie, to be integrated with society, and explore other examples of this (Watchmen, X-men, etc). We also discuss the cost of abandonment and the extreme repercussions of this displayed in the movie. Finally, we Flip the Script by asking if superheroes in the movie as simply a government funded programme and what this may mean.


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