AI Movie Night Podcast: Captain Marvel Review

Gags hosts this special episode of the AI Movie Night Podcast with comic nerd Joey Connors and the usual host of the AI Movie Night podcast - Jesal Padani.

They are discussing the newly released Captain Marvel from Marvel Studios in-depth!

Joey Connors kicks things off by going through the comic book lore of the character. How different the real comic book character is to the movie and the origins. Joey goes in-depth on this must listen part, especially about the original Captain Marvel!

The lads then move onto review the movie but talk about Brie Larson's portrayal in depth as well as all of the major talking points. They discuss what they liked and disliked about the movie and compared it to DC Comics' Wonder Woman. They finally discuss the other characters in the movie as well as look forward to Avengers: End Game too.

All this and more on the Movie Night podcast!

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