Episode 35 'Rik, Ben and Andy at the Edinburgh Fringe, 1983'

Merry Podmas everyone! ‘Tis the Season to be jolly, and we’re celebrating with an incredibly spectacular episode, looking at a 1983 Edinburgh Fringe show featuring Rik Mayall, Andy de la Tour and Ben Elton. Your hosts Oliver Double and Elspeth Millar discuss the financial logistics of the Fringe and how much they’ve changed since then, and we have EXCLUSIVE AUDIO from interviews with JENNY LECOAT, ANDY DE LA TOUR and – wait for it – BEN ELTON! Yes, we have a bit of comedy legend BEN ELTON on the show, we absolutely bloody do! BEN ELTON!! I bet you’re wishing it could be Podmas EVERY DAY! Please Deck the iTunes Halls with boughs of 5 star reviews. And why not join our Facebook group?