How can I fight fake news?

On today’s trip to and from the future, we’re considering questions of truth, reality, and how to be a good sharer of news. How do you avoid sharing fake information? How do you tell what’s real and what’s not? In this swirling vortex of disinformation, how can you make sure you’re not contributing to the problem? 
To help guide us through the swamp of memes and misinformation, Rose talks to Jane Lytvenenko, a professional debunker at BuzzFeed News. Jane walks us through the steps she uses to verify images and claims. And to get an official answer on one particular coronavirus related image, Rose calls Dr. Amy Lee, a molecular biologist at Simon Fraser University who talks about what it’s like to watch so much scientific misinformation be thrown around amidst a pandemic. 
Advice For And From The Future is written, edited and performed by Rose Eveleth. The theme music is by Also, Also, Also. The logo is by Frank Okay. Additional music this episode provided by Blue Dot Sessions. Special thanks to Noah Veltman for help setting up the texting service. 
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