#99 Following Your Intuition, Diverse Communities & Human Nature with Rutger Bregman

Hey Podulters! In this week’s episode I speak to Rutger Bregman, he is a historian, author and speaker. I’m sure if you listen to the  podcast regularly you will have heard me mention his book, Utopia For Realists, multiple times. Unlike pretty much anyone else I have spoken to, Rutger said he was pretty happy with everything he had learnt in school 🤣 but that’s mostly because he doesn’t really think our schools are fit for purpose as they are. We discuss following your intuition, the importance of diverse communities and why humans are actually really kind, deep down. I really enjoyed recording this episode and I hope you enjoy listening, Rutger’s latest book, Humankind, covers a lot of what we talk about in the episode! As always please do rate, review and subscribe 💜

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