#95 Philosophy, Self Acceptance and Coping with Adversity with Matt Haig

Hello Podulters, It’s been a very long time no speak🥲. I’m so pleased to be back with season 10 👀of Adulting! Wow! It was the three year anniversary of the podcast the other day, and it’s so exciting to see how far we’ve come. In fact, I think today’s conversation with Matt Haig is quite reflective of that. We start to push back a little against the pervasive and negative aspects of ‘woke culture’ - for want of a better phrase - and that’s looking like a recurring theme this season. This is interesting to me, because of course Adulting as a podcast is all about becoming more knowledgeable, more understanding and less ignorant. But I do wonder if maybe we have lost sight of that goal more broadly, especially when using the term 'woke'? I’m still asking people what three things they wish they had been taught in school, and Matt’s are Philosophy, coping with adversity and self acceptance. His book, The Midnight Library, which I absolutely loved, is now out in paperback... incase you were looking for your next read. I really hope you enjoy listening and I’m so glad to be back! Xx

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