An Adoptive Mother’s Intuition: How Nicole Ketchum Found her Daughter Lulu [S5E14]

The guest of this episode is Nicole Ketchum. She has her own business called Hey Girl Decor, and like the beautiful acrylic chandeliers she crafts, her story is just as exceptional.

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Nicole talks about the challenges of adoption, as well as the emotional heartbreak of failed IVF treatments, her difficulties with endometriosis, and how she all but gave up on having children. In fact, adoption was her last attempt to be a mother. Through that decision, her life changed forever.

As she said no to multiple phone calls about possible matches, as she had false starts with lawyers and agencies, Nicole trusted her gut, and eventually she and her husband were matched with the perfect little girl: Lulu. 

In This Episode of ADOPTION NOW

  • Why doing an independent adoption might be a wrong choice for you.
  • The importance of trusting your gut when it comes to adoption lawyers.
  • Why physically meeting the birth mother (no matter what!) is so important.
  • Being gentle with the birth mother and why it’s a necessary step.
  • Adoptive mothers and their right to be depressed, sad, or emotional during the adoption.
  • Why birth mothers deserve a lot of care and attention during any adoption.
  • Telling the adoptee their story at the right time.


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