The Current Landscape of Additive Manufacturing with Aaron Frankel

There is nothing more exciting than being on the cutting edge of the next big breakthrough in technology. Additive Manufacturing has been referred to as a part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and we couldn’t agree more. The fast pace of innovation in 3D manufacturing means that things are changing constantly. Keeping you informed about the latest technology and emerging industry trends is what this podcast is all about.

No matter which aspect of additive manufacturing you might be involved in, we all want to know what that end product looks like. What are customers looking for, and how are they using this technology in a real-world sense? For many industries, additive manufacturing is an easy sell, and the benefits of the technology click instantly. For other industries, it’s up to us to demonstrate the benefits. We’ll discover what that process looks like, and how customers are responding.


In this episode, we talk to Aaron Frankel, the Vice President of the Additive Manufacturing Software Program at Siemens Digital Industry Software. He’s been a part of the team here for 23 years, working as an Application Engineer, a Product Manager, and he’s been involved in everything from marketing to design engineering, and worked as a manufacturer. Today, he talks to us about the current landscape of Additive Manufacturing. 

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Is the current Additive Manufacturing market meeting your expectations? (2:20)
  • What are the strongest areas we’re seeing customer interest in additive manufacturing? (3:42)
  • What needs to happen for companies to fully adopt additive? (6:37)
  • What reasons are customers giving you as to why they are pursuing additive manufacturing? (16:58)
  • How are customers using this technology? (18:54)

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Frankel’s personal expectations for the industry (2:41)
  • The “3 culprits” that are killing additive innovation (6:52)
  • How Siemens is helping customers to recognize the benefits of additive manufacturing (10:46)
  • Ways in which we collaborate with our ecosystem to industrialize additive (12:39)
  • The three primary segments of those seeking out this technology (8:11)

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