Facing Challenges and Unlocking the Adoption of Additive Manufacturing with Aaron Frankel

Additive manufacturing is a greenfield technology, and it’s so rare in a career that you get to work on something brand new, where everyone is at the same level of knowledge and we are all learning how to use it, together. Its potential impact on the industry and the fact that with almost a single push of a button you can realize your products on a 3D printer is absolutely fascinating!


But, as with anything new and unknown, challenges are on every corner, and engineers are working together to overcome them as they arise, and find answers to questions like, how do you know if a part is viable for additive manufacturing? How do we minimize the high-failure rate of 3D printed parts? How do you connect all of the different pieces of equipment on the floor shop for additive?


In this episode, we’re back with Aaron Frankel, the Vice President of the Additive Manufacturing Software Program at Siemens Digital Industries Software. For 23 years he’s worked with the team as an Application Engineer, a Product Manager, and he’s been involved in marketing, design engineering, and manufacturing. He’s responsible for the overall additive manufacturing business, our solution roadmap, and our partner ecosystem. Today, we discuss the 3D printing industry and what Siemens has to offer in this area, as well as the challenges that hold companies back from scaling up additive manufacturing for production use.  


Some Questions I ask:

  • What gets you excited about additive manufacturing? (04:10)
  • What are some of the challenges that customers face when they try to adopt additive manufacturing? (07:45)
  • How can a customer design the ideal functional part? (11:06)
  • How are we helping our customers ensure that AM parts are qualified properly? (13:31)


What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • What Additive Manufacturing Experience Center is and how you can get involved. (00:56)
  • The types of questions we receive from customers, with regards to additive manufacturing. (08:37)
  • The importance of defining the context in which you use additive manufacturing. (12:26)


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